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why in the wide wiggity world would I start a blog?

Updated: May 15

I kinda like writing. Not as much as I like composing, but I used to journal on the bus, and I got a corny poem published in a high school poetry journal once (it was called "bus stop" and I hope you cannot find it on the internet anywhere). So seeing as how there are no qualifications required to start a blog, I'm probably qualified to start a blog. But does anyone read blogs? I think that blogs peaked and crashed before I was old enough to use the internet. Okay, I looked it up, (and read this short article) and blogs were probably still pretty relevant when I started spending time online in the late 2000s, but certainly not by the time I graduated high school in 2014. Except maybe Tumblr? A lot of my friends used tumblr in high school but I wasn't cool enough. I also wasn't cool enough to smoke, or drink, or drive around Circle Drive on school nights. But I was cool enough to write a few poems, and now I'm qualified to write a blog. So it all works out. So anyway probably no one will read this, on account of my website existing primarily as a portfolio for grant applications, and not exactly being a hotspot of the interwebs. But I also kind of hope that this site will be a little corner of the internet that I can make into whatever I want. And a readerless blog seems like a nice component of that. Oh and since this is a "biographical log" (update: I realized it stands for weblog, which seems dumber, but anyway) I should probably mention that I'm turning 26 today. Am I the only 26 year old in the world starting a blog on this day in 2022? Probably not, it's a crazy world, lotta 26 year olds.

1 (one).

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