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Saskatoon Experimental Music Ensemble

The Saskatoon Experimental Music Ensemble is a community-oriented ensemble with a focus on collectively-created, experimental music. The ensemble is a space to learn and explore more about various experimental modes of making music, and to engage with alternative forms of notation, including text and graphic scores.


The founding goals of the ensemble are as follows:


We focus on communal and collective modes of making music, including group improvisation and composition.

We aim to perform works composed and created by the group members themselves.

We are a safe and open space to try new things, experiment, and learn together.

We hold no particular focus regarding genre or style, but provide an opportunity for members to expand their creative practices.

We are open to all people, regardless of instrumentation or educational background.

We held our first concert at the Strata Festival of New Music on June 4th at PAVED arts. 

For the 2022-2023 season, our rehearsals were held weekly on Thursday nights at the Saskatoon Concert Band Hall, from 7:30-9:30 pm. Watch this space for where and when our rehearsal will start back up in the fall!

There is no charge to take part, feel free to just come by and hear what we are up to!

The John H. Schoen Rehearsal Hall is located at 238 Avenue V North, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

As we are guests in the space, we are following the guidelines of the Saskatoon Concert Band for use of the building:


General guidelines:

  - Read and comply with the self-assessment posted on the band hall door.

- Everyone must provide proof of being fully vaccinated.

- Wear a mask when you enter and exit the building. Wind players can remove masks while playing; all others are required to be masked at all times.

- Bring whatever you need to drink and eat with you.

- if you brought it with you, take it with you.

- Please stay out of the kitchen/meeting area.

- Observe the cleaning procedure outlined after you use the washroom.

- It is posted on the door of the washroom and on the wall in the washroom.

- There are waste bins in the washrooms and in the foyer for trash created at the hall.


When entering the building:

  - Remove your street shoes, please and thank you. This is not negotiable.

- bring slippers or other inside footwear if you choose.

- we try to keep our cleaning costs to a minimum, which is reflected in our very reasonable rental rates.

- proceed immediately to your chair and place your instrument case beside your chair - assemble your instrument at your seat.

When playing:

- Brass players need to follow the SHA guidelines for spit valves. Empty the instrument

Into a rag that is in a sealable bag. 

- any equipment that will mark the floor requires protection to prevent such marking (e.g., rock stop or rubber end to double bass pegs).

The Saskatoon Experimental Music Ensemble is presented in conjunction with the Strata New Music Festival, We are incredibly grateful to the Saskatoon Concert Band and Sask Arts for their support.

If you are interested in being involved with the ensemble, or have questions, please email me:


Thanks a heap, 


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