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Trombone lessons:

I have spend a lot of time playing the trombone and learning how to play it better! I started playing in over fifteen years ago in grade 6 band at Dr. John G Egnatoff School in Saskatoon. Since then I’ve played in High School Select bands, Saskatchewan Honour band, the Saskatoon Youth Orchestra, the Canadian Wind Orchestra, National Youth Band, the University of Saskatchewan Wind Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble, the Saskatoon Brass Band, the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra, the Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra, and the Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra. I’ve also learned to play some less orchestra-y more weird and wacky music along the way. I would love to share what I've learned, and help you have more fun playing trombone!

Composition, Theory, Max/MSP lessons:

I've also spent a lot of time, especially in the last five years, studying music composition, music theory, and computer-based music using the program Max/MSP (including Jitter and Max for Live). If you are interested in lessons on those subjects, I am also available to teach both in person and online!

How and where and when can I take lessons?

If you are in Saskatoon, I teach lessons in person from my home in Buena Vista! Please send me an email and we can chat about lesson times, goals, and teaching rates.

If you are not in Saskatoon, no problem! I can teach online (thanks magic interwebs!) Send me an email and we'll chat about setting up virtual lessons.


Playing with a good crew at the Saskatoon Symphony.


Playing all alone at the Capitol Music Club.

My piece "Un/Together" for Strings and Reactive Electronics using  Max/MSP.

Contact Me About Lessons

Fill out this form, or email me here: Look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks! I'll be in touch shortly :)
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